Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Funny Little Story

First off...let me admit something really quick.......

or better put...I can't really cook because in the last year I have learned....three recipes lol

I never bothered to learn to cook while growing up...for many reasons but really it wasn't my thing. I would much rather be outside helping my dad and granddad than stuck in the kitchen. As I got into my teens I did start making simple my dad and brother were thrilled. I made my dad's birthday cake each year, learned to make a few different pies, brownies of course...nothing major. I just never bothered to learn to make anything that could be called dinner...except Hamburger Helper. Oh yes...good ole Hamburger Helper, my speciality...LOL

When I met my husband I flat out told him from the start that I couldn't cook. It didn't bother him, he was a cook and would take care of it. Now, almost married for four years he admits that he seriously thought I was joking. Ummm...nope, sorry :) It hasn't been too much of a problem, when we lived in Louisiana he would either bring stuff home from the restaurant, he cooked or I made my wonderful Hamburger Helper. Then hubby headed off for Basic Training and I ordered pizza, ate sandwiches, or ...yep, you guess it...HH :) Then hubby deployed and my sister and her wonderful hubby the chef invited me over for dinner. Do you see a pattern yet? I avoided having to cook, saw no reason.

I did get a little more brave in the kitchen once hubby came home from deployment. I made a wonderful roast in the crock-pot (my best friend!), learned how to make real mashed potatoes, and of course always bake him a cake/cupcakes for his birthday. For the 4th of July last year I decided to make two cakes...American Flag and Orangecicle...Then when I got pregnant I got a tiny bit braver. I started asking my stepmom for recipes...she made this Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole one night when we went to visit and hubby loved it; I decided to try and make it for him. Then Christmas was upon us and I was not capable to travel very far. My family always celebrates at my sister's house and her husband cooks so that was taken care of. However now that we lived in a house and had more room we really wanted hubby's family to come up and celebrate with us. I decided (and I still blame this on the pregnancy lol) to tackle my daddy's dressing. Yes, that's right...homemade dressing from scratch. Although I burned the bottom of my cornbread (which doesn't matter since you just crumble it up for the dressing) the dressing itself was a huge hit! I did it!! I couldn't believe how well it turned out.

Now that the baby is here and I'm a just makes sense for me to cook dinner. Hubby leaves for work really early and comes home really late. He barely gets to spend time with our daughter and relax...why should he waste that time cooking. I have really been thinking hard about this. 4th of July weekend I decided to cook for hubby so he could enjoy the day with our daughter. And I decided to go all out...BBQ Chicken! I looked up some recipes online, found an easy one that sounded out my handy dandy crock-pot and made a grocery list. I was a nervous wreck to say the least. I had no idea how to even know if the chicken was properly cooked...the only meats I had ever worked with were hamburger meat and a roast. Well, it came time to eat...and I once again I was floored...I didn't mess it up! Hubby loved it!!

Ya know what...I might actually be able to do this! journey begins. I'm determined to learn to cook all kinds of tasty meals for my family. I sat down with my Kraft Food Magazines and seared the web and came up with some ideas for dinner every night for next week. Of course hubby had a request for the Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole and even wanted the BBQ Chicken again :)

Then the blog idea came to me...I can share my fun experiences with everyone, share some of my favorite recipes, and even let my followers share some recipes with me so I can learn even more! The "one burnt dish at a time" is a poke of fun at myself lol...the night I made my BBQ Chicken I also made two pans of brownies and for the first time ever, I burned one pan so bad that it was ruined LOL I told hubby that I might have accomplished cooking the chicken but now I can't even cook brownies right ;)

I hope you enjoy my blog, share some laughs with me, and maybe even share some ideas with me :)

Let the fun begin!

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